Widgets never load – Android + Nova Launcher

  • Hello.

    I have three widgets, each with an individual note. When restarting my phone, none of them loads at all, no matter how long I wait, it’s only when I navigate to the app and open it that the content of the widgets loads. Simplenote never asked me for permissions while installing, but I manually granted permission to auto start and also disabled the option to “pause app if unused” and the battery saver. Some permissions are denied by default. I’m running on:

    • Redmi Note10 Pro
    • MIUI 14.0.2
    • Android 13
    • Nova Laucher 8.0.1 BETA
    • Simplenote 2.30 (162)

    I recorded a video, you can find it here: https://youtu.be/JS1cj-YGF

  • Thank you for all those details! I have reported this to our team for further investigation.

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