Predictive text no longer works

  • Good day I am a user of your app and have been enjoying its features. However, I’ve noticed a slight inconvenience related to text input that I believe could enhance the user experience.Currently, the app doesn’t automatically capitalize the pronoun “I” and sometimes doesn’t recognize predictive text for certain words. I find this feature to be crucial for smoother and more efficient typing. It would greatly improve the overall usability of the app.I wanted to reach out and kindly request if you could consider implementing an auto-capitalization feature, especially for the pronoun “I,” and ensure a more robust predictive text function. This adjustment would undoubtedly contribute to a more user-friendly interface.Thank you for your attention to this matter. I appreciate your hard work in developing and maintaining the app, and I believe that these enhancements would make it even more enjoyable for users.

  • Hi @blossom2024. Predictive text and text replacement are normally features provided by the system Keyboard, not by the Simplenote app. Check your Keyboard settings, and possibly also the Dictionary. Also, could you please identify the system you’re using Simplenote on, and whether it’s the Simplenote app or the Web version.

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