Neither Android nor Windows apps syncing with

  • When I first noticed that my Android phone app edits were not appearing in my Windows app, I checked the website and found it was not getting the sync from Android (my primary instance of SimpleNote). Next thing I did was backup my ‘gold’ Android notes to a JSON file before starting to troubleshoot. Now my Android phone app has three copies of everything and so does the website. Editing one of those copies on Android does not sync to the web. How can I flush everything and restore from my ‘gold’ JSON file and get the sync going again as it did, before?

  • BTW, my Windows app has only two copies of every (now stale) note. I suspect that I tried to restore from JSON thinking that it would overwrite the notes it found, but I have slept too many times since then to be sure how I mucked this up. Your guidance will be appreciated, because I really liked the app when it was working and syncing.

  • Interestingly, I found my Windows app picked up the third copy of notes from the website last night. Also, the two notes that I modified on my Android phone instance propagated through the website to my WIndows instance. The sync is working. As to all the extra copies that I probably created myself, by mistake, I found the Trash option on the website and cleaned up my own mess. Thank you for such a simple and straightforward product. I will try to keep my wits about me and try not to make trouble for myself as I continue to use SimpleNote. This product fits my needs perfectly.

  • Note to moderators: We tend to think of the note title as its filename, because we select it from the list of notes. But it is not. The FAQ should emphasize that each note is a different object. The title is just an attribute of the object, so it is possible to (confusingly) create multiple notes with the same title. They will all be listed separately, but there is no easy way to tell them apart.

  • @csteven2607 Glad to hear you managed to get the sync worked. Thank you for your continuous support for Simplenote!

    @johnswift37 Noted! Thanks for the feedback.

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